IDC Publishes Vendor Profile on Sunbird Software
December 19, 2018

"One of the hall marks of Sunbird is its customer-centric product development process and service organization. In interviews with current customers, a consistent theme was the company's commitment to helping customers succeed in the journey to improving management and use of data center resources." - Jennifer Cooke, Research Director, IDC

We’re pleased to announce that IDC, a global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology market, has published a vendor profile on Sunbird Software.

Titled “Sunbird Software: Facilitating Customers’ Shift to Data-Driven Decisions with DCIM Solutions”, the profile highlights Sunbird’s customer-centric focus. It also features a company overview and future outlook.

Additionally, the profile contains advice for technology buyers, including a recommendation that IT and data center managers shift to a services-driven data center model. There is also information on how DCIM solutions enable many of the key capabilities that are essential in creating smarter data center facilities.

Download the full profile to learn more.

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