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Companies today are stressed to reduce costs in all areas of business while trying to improve productivity and performance.  Data centers are not exempt from this and incur ever increasing complexity as new technologies are constantly being deployed to support new business services.  To manage this complex environment, most data center operators use a mix of proprietary databases, monitoring systems, custom-built software, manual processes and desktop applications like Microsoft Excel and Visio.

These ad-hoc data center management tools may work for a specific point task but often these tools do not effectively work together to resolve common and often complex issues, such as figuring out where there is capacity to roll out new servers, finding stranded power capacity, or something as basic as having a clear understanding of what assets you have in a data center.

DCIM software provides data center operations managers with the ability to identify, locate, visualize, and manage all physical data center assets, quickly provision new equipment, and confidently plan capacity for future growth.  DCIM tools can also help control energy costs, improve data center design, and increase operational efficiency.  Implementing a Data Center Infrastructure Management solution provides data center operations managers and their companies with significant operational and cost-saving benefits, today and into the future.

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