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Time to Switch?

DCIM solutions can prove to be an extremely valuable business tool, but not all DCIM solutions are created equal. Watch our video to get some perspective on this trend.

4 Signs you’re using a legacy DCIM solution.


The tool is always slow and painful to use


Features aren’t working as promised


You’re still digging through data tables


No true Technical Support provided for issues

Why Sunbird?

We’re a leader in what is known as Second-Generation DCIM, and we focus on solving real customer problems…instead of charging for every module.

Our technologies are used all across the world

Our team works hard with your success in mind

We listen and understand customer problems


Hear from companies who made the switch to Sunbird

  • “Because dcTrack covers the entire lifecycle of an asset—from the point it is placed in the rack to when it is moved—it captures all the key information necessary to support asset, capacity, and change management in a data center.”

    Keith Bott, Service Manager, Equipment and Facilities, British Airways
  • “Sunbird Software DCIM… is our eyes into our remote colocation facilities. It replaces all of our spreadsheets for tracking assets. The new dashboard provides an accurate bird’s-eye view of capacity and health and lets us easily drill down to details. The DCIM-generated reports on capacity and assets have been invaluable for managing assets and resources and save us hours of effort each week...

    Laura Mechler, Manager, Global Hosting Resources, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  • “The Sunbird products work as advertised. Both dcTrack and PowerIQ products work well and are easy to use. The Sunbird website is easy to navigate with lots of helpful features and quick videos. Keeping the device models/templates up-to-date is an easy process.”

    John Foiles, Principal Engineer, United Airlines
  • “Deploying devices is so much easier to perform with 100% accuracy. The many visualizations such as device, cabinet, and floor plan (including 3D) are quite valuable to me.”

    Dave DeFrancisco, Deployment Engineer, Comcast
  • “After our “Proof of Concept” of Sunbird, we found this tool extremely flexible and easy to use. Any part of it can be completely customized to suit your needs, especially aspects such as the dashboards in both dcTrack and PowerIQ. This provides us with great levels of detail and monitoring of our data centers.”

    Andrew Curtis, Senior Engineer, Paddy Power Betfair

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