Data Center Disasters

Data center disasters come in all shapes and sizes. Unexpected weather issues, temperature spikes and cooling failures, power outages, and equipment problems are all potential issues that keep data center managers awake at night.

Want to rest assured that you’re mitigating the risks of unplanned downtime, avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars lost per outage, and preserve your data center’s health? Learn how simple it can be to plan smarter and reduce the impact of different disasters on your data center with Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software.

Top 10 Colocation Operators Based on Size and Tier Certifications

The ever-increasing costs of managing and maintaining in-house data centers, combined with the rise of cloud technologies, are turning colocation operators into an attractive option for many organizations. Colocation (colo) operators provide organizations with data center facilities to house and operate their servers. Colos typically offer physical locations as well as power, cooling, network, and security services for their customers’ servers.

Government Data Centers: Are We Nearing the End of Resource Exploitation?

The US Government's erratic construction and expenditure on data centers may finally be coming to a standstill. In 2016, the government implemented a freeze on any new data center construction. This means that government agencies will no longer be able to build or expand data centers unless they can prove that it is absolutely necessary. The key player in this lock down is The Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI).


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