Client Success

Choosy customers Choose Sunbird

Expertise and Experience

For more than 20 years, customers have chosen Sunbird to help solve their data center problems. We’ve had the privilege of servicing DCIM customers in both small, as well as in the largest, state-of-the-art data centers across the globe and spanning more than 17 industries including: Financial, Technology, Hosting, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Education, Industrial, Consumer, Transportation, and Utilities.

A DCIM GPS to help you navigate the curves in the road

Implementing DCIM doesn’t have to be difficult. Our Client Success Team will work with you to create a project plan with the right level of DCIM for your organization. We’ll help you navigate the twists and turns before, during and after turn-up to ensure your success.

Our Measure of Success is our Customers’ Success

Knowing you have choices in choosing your DCIM provider, we work extra-hard to ensure that your end-to-end experience with us tops them all. When asked why they chose us, customers often tell us “You listened to me,” “You gave me the best service,” and “You did as I asked.” At Sunbird, our customers are our partners. Your valuable feedback enables us to build high-value solutions to solve real data center problems.

We work hard to ensure your success with client success managers, detailed statement of works, checklists to make sure everything is done right, post implementation walk-throughs, free online training, customer user groups, and customer feedback on new product design.

It’s the culmination of all these things that add up to make a great customer experience and long term partnership, with NO surprises. We know our success is dependent on your success.

What other vendor can say that they call you after sign-off to ensure you are getting the most value from your DCIM? Sunbird can, just ask our customers.

Sunbird’s Customer-Centric Focus is Featured in IDC’s New Vendor Profile

Learn why IDC says “Sunbird has taken a very customer-led approach to DCIM, and its solution meets a critical need in the market to improvement the management of critical data center resources."


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