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Keep Usage in Control

Can you tell your customers how much power they are using? What power capacity is available? Are you being asked to ensure power uptime and reliability?

Data centers and IT labs everywhere are approaching operational capacity limits. Power resources are increasingly constrained and the cost of energy is spiraling out of control. You need to know how much power you are using, how much is available and where you can improve efficiency. As budgets are decreasing, having a tool to help answer these questions and keep your power usage in control is critical.

Battle-Tested and Customer Approved

Sunbird’s Power IQ DCIM software for Power Management can clue you into how much power you’re using at a moment’s notice, down to individual servers when coupled with our PX® intelligent Rack PDUs with individual outlet metering. Our enterprise class power monitoring software has been battle-tested, monitoring some of the world’s largest data center in the industry.

Improve Uptime

With an intuitive simple to configure dashboard, see power utilization trends and capacity across your power chain, find stranded power, and improve data center uptime with thresholds and alerts.

Download a free trial of our Power IQ DCIM Monitoring software and see how it provides the information and control you've been looking for.

AC/DC: Have it Your Way

Complete Data Center
Power Monitoring

Data Center Power Management

Easily visualize rack level power usage with smart rack view

  • Total usage vs. budgeted capacity at a cabinet level
  • Monitor cabinet level power usage trends over time
  • With outlet level metered iPDUs see aggegrated power consumption across multiple power supplies in a server

Complete monitoring of data center power
to Maximize Uptime & Availability

The math is easy
No power = No servers = No applications

Keeps an eye on the whole power chain in the data center

Validates against the thresholds set

Get alerts and notifications to react before it becomes an issue or your users are impacted

The best data center built is one that is not.


Data Centers are often over-provisioned and excess capacity typically exists. With DCIM tools, you can find that stranded capacity, use it with confidence, and delay spending millions to build your next data center.


AC or DC Power Chain. We've Got You Covered.

Data Center Power Chain 1Data Center Power Chain 2Data Center Power Chain 3


Remote Power Control Made Easy

Let Sunbird DCIM do the hard work of mapping servers to individual power supplies to outlets in rack PDUs so you can control power in a snap

  • Eliminate trips to the data center
  • Improve MTTR and uptime
  • Save time and money
  • Save the environment
Data Center Power Consumption Gauge

Do you know how much power capacity you have?

  • Power consumption gauge
  • Power capacity forecast trend
  • Trending load by data center, room, rack, or customer
Data Center Power Management Software

Build your customized dashboard in less than 5 minutes

  • Easy to use drag & drop
  • Create & share any report needed
  • Custom widgets
  • Integrate with other systems

Totally open and works with what you have

Sunbird DCIM uses industry standard protocols and is compatible with many 3rd party meters, sensors, and software

APCAvocentBayTechChatsworth Products Inc.EatonEmersonGeistHPJohnson ControlsLiebertNetBotzRemedy CorporationSchneiderSiemens 


Intelligent Rack PDUs

Out-of-the-Box Centralized Management for your Raritan® and Server Technology® Intelligent Rack PDUs

Use Sunbird's DCIM to:

  • Update firmware
  • Backup/restore
  • Change administrator passwords
  • Update IP addresses, subnet masks, and gateways
  • Bulk configure PDUs
  • Remote power control


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Learn More About DCIM with eBooks

Learn More with eBooks

Browse our library of eBooks to learn everything you need to know about DCIM including a buyer’s guide, budgeting tips, and how DCIM simplifies data center migration, cable management, KPI monitoring, and much more.


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