Announcing Power IQ DCIM Monitoring Software 6.2
August 07, 2018

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Power IQ® 6.2, Sunbird’s Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Monitoring software. If you’re ready to upgrade to Release 6.2, simply download the update files from Sunbird’s support portal. If you’d like more information, check out our release notes or continue below to read our DCIM software highlights.

What’s New in Power IQ

Power IQ 6.2 extends Sunbird’s best-in-class intelligent PDU management to include Server Technology iPDUs.

Mass Configuration of Server Technology Facility Items

Deploy, manage, and update Server Technology facility items faster with Power IQ’s mass configuration features. In Release 6.2.0, users can now bulk update firmware, IP addresses, subnet masks, gateways, SNMP settings, and trap destinations across a set of Server Technology facility items. Updates can be made in both Power IQ and as well as Server Technology and Raritan facility items, without the need to log in to each device. Save time on common changes by creating a single, reusable template with your changes and running it as needed.

Enhanced Sensor Management for Environmental Monitoring

Power IQ’s new Sensors tab makes it easy to configure, manage, view, and update environmental temperature and humidity sensors. The Sensors tab displays a grid that lists the sensors in Power IQ and provides information about them, including name, associated facility item, type, and thresholds. In this tab, you can easily view and manage all sensors in Power IQ.

In Power IQ 6.2.0, temperature and humidity thresholds can be set to help you better manage and monitor environmental conditions in your data center. Sensor thresholding creates events and event notifications when a temperature or humidity sensor reading exceeds or is below the threshold settings.  The readings are based on the latest readings collected by Power IQ via the associated facility item.

How to Upgrade

To download the Power IQ 6.2 upgrade, current customers will need to have a valid maintenance contract and user login. To create an account, visit the support portal. Your email address and associated company information will be validated.

Once you sign up, you will have complete access to our self-service portal, where you can gain access to expert tips and tricks and track the status of your support issues.

Ready to upgrade? Download the update files on the Sunbird support portal.

Want to try before you buy? Take a test drive of Power IQ 6.2 today.

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