Data Center Management Made Easy
April 08, 2016

According to a 2015 article on Cisco's Global Cloud Index, the volume of data center traffic in 2014 was 3.4 zettabytes and the projection for 2019 was 10.4 zettabytes! This growing traffic is huge, considering 1 zettabyte is made up of 100 billion terabytes! You can see that the use of cloud storage is on a growth trajectory, which means that the demand for data centers will also keep pace. In such an environment, companies will need to expand their data centers and manage them better. To help with this, there are various types of data center software.

Enhancing Data Center Management

  • Physical Presence Not Important: There can be a lot of money, time and energy needed to physically supervise a data facility, keeping track of equipment, monitoring, records and space assessment. With specialized software, you get regular and accurate reports, helpful analytics in form of visuals and texts, to help you get information quicker.

  • Better Decisions: With the help of accurate information about power utilization, connectivity status and networks and server load details, there can be a better understanding of capacity, so that optimum investments are made. But without any platform for integrated data, this can become difficult. Data center software brings ease to the process by integrating data from various sources and platforms in one place.

  • Saving Finances: There are various costs involved in running a data center, right from maintenance costs and repairs to hiring and staff management, purchase of new IT equipment and, most importantly, power utilization on cooling and infrastructure. Less than optimal performance in any of these areas will reflect on the company's finances. It is always better to become cost effective with the help of smart solutions.

  • Minimizing Energy Usage: It is vital for a company to run on optimum power and allocate any stranded power by increasing rack density. There are also instances when a company is unknowingly over-cooling their facility, which is not helpful at all. Therefore, with intelligent systems to check PUE levels, power wastage can be minimized helping in cutting down electricity costs.

  • Tackle Emergencies Better: Lapses in optimized placement of servers on racks, high traffic or over allocations of servers can result in power circuit overloads, resulting in downtime. With faster working and real time reporting via the right software overseeing the performance, you are alerted as soon as there is any overload, so that the issue is tackled at the earliest.

  • Mitigating Hotspots: Increased traffic and a peak in utilization of servers can result in overheating of a localized area. These hotspots require quick identification and treatment so that problems are kept at bay. With new technology, power levels are recorded and analyzed at the speed of light and complexities solved quicker than ever before.

With so many benefits, it is very important and beneficial for your company to get a data center software. It will improve your business operations by helping you minimize cost and reduce energy usage, while saving you time and money.

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