[Job Aid] Data Center Migration Checklist
April 20, 2017

Whether you are a veteran of data center migrations or are just getting started, moving your data center is a risky, complicated project for any organization. Extended downtime, damage to equipment, and inaccurate installation are just a few of the headaches that migrating a data center can cause. However, when planned and executed well, it can also lead to cost savings, improved efficiency, and other rewards.

What is a data center migration?

A data center migration is any movement of data center assets from one location to another. Examples include moving to a new data center, moving to a colocation facility, moving from one room or floor to another within the same data center, and transitioning applications and services to a hybrid/cloud environment.

Who is involved in a data center migration?

Data center migrations impact a variety of functional teams and roles. In addition to data center managers and operators, IT teams, facilities teams, network engineering teams, server teams, and infrastructure teams all may be involved at various points of the migration. There’s also the team who will be doing the physical move and installation.

With so many moving parts and people involved, it’s easy for key tasks and minute details to be overlooked. That’s where a data center migration checklist comes in.

Mitigate risk and ensure accurate planning and execution with a data center migration checklist.

Our Data Center Migration Checklist provides critical but easily forgotten tasks that can reduce risk and downtime during a data center move. Once you’ve selected a new site, use the checklist to help plan a successful transition—before, during, and after the migration.

Anyone involved in a migration can leverage this checklist for better planning and execution, to minimize unwelcome surprises, and to guard against the most common oversights in data center moves. Our Data Center Migration Checklist highlights key tasks and considerations across the following categories in a data center move:

  • Migration Project Planning
  • Asset and Application Inventory
  • New Infrastructure Planning
  • Pre-Migration
  • Migration Day
  • Post-Migration

You also can share this checklist with your migration team to gain alignment and share tasks in the planning and execution of the move.

Ready to start planning a successful data center migration? Download Sunbird’s Data Center Migration Checklist today.

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