New Infographic: Top Data Center Certification
May 18, 2018

From enterprise to colocation to cloud, data centers are rapidly modernizing. Today's data center professionals need to improve their skills and knowledge to keep pace with changes in the industry, or risk being left behind. But how can they accomplish this goal while still meeting all the objectives of their full-time careers?

That's where data center certifications and training programs come in. A wide variety of specialized and general data center credentials are available to both experienced and novice data center professionals to help them learn what they need to learn to adapt to the changing data center industry. 

To help data center professionals choose the certification or training program that's right for them, we've developed a new infographic. Titled, "Top Data Center Training and Certifications," this infographic highlights popular data center trainings by organizations like BICSI, CISCO, and CNet, including the competencies or skills each certification covers. It even includes university degrees and Master's programs. A comparison table by competency helps data center professionals choose the certification that best meets their needs.

Want more info to help you choose the right data center? Read the infographic here.

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