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DCIM System Administration Training

Training is a critical piece to the implementation and the quickest route to success with your DCIM Solution.  Experience has shown that with proper training your data center staff will be ready to maintain DCIM system.

Sunbird offers training courses for both DCIM system administrators and day-to-day end users to ensure that both the administrators as well as the end users gain the knowledge needed to manage and report the DCIM system. Sunbird offers utmost flexibility to get your staff up to speed with delivery on-site, remote, hosted, or online. Our goal is to walk away with the comfort that you’re going to use the DCIM system and see value day 1.

System Administration Training

  • Target Audience: DCIM System Administrators
  • Description: Sunbird Services will demonstrate how to add a new site or data center to the DCIM system, manage the workflow and change control processes, system maintenance and support, how and where to get answers, and how to create your own reports.
  • Also recorded for those unable to attend, for future reference, and for remote sites

End-User Training

  • Target Audience: Day-to-Day End Users
  • Description: Sunbird Services will demonstrate how to perform moves/adds/changes; using dashboards and capacity planning; system navigation and reporting; search, filtering, and editing.

On Line Videos make it easy to increase DCIM usage and adoption

Take the module you are interested in or take all the modules – the choice is yours

  • New Features
  • Software Installation
  • Floor Plan
  • Introduction and Navigation
  • Visualization and Capacity Planning
  • Adding and Editing Items – Device, Network, Cabinet, Communications, Power
  • IP Space Management
  • Change Control Process
  • Reports
  • SNMP Discovery
  • Import Wizard
  • Administrative Tasks