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Why use DCIM in a Data Center Refresh (Interview with City of Boston)
October 21, 2013
Carol Wu, is the City of Boston’s Project Manager, responsible for managing the physical infrastructure of the city's main data center located at City Hall.   
When the City of Boston’s data center was revamped as a result of consolidation, virtualization and redundancy projects, Carol along with engineers and contractors took the opportunity to create a more efficient layout in the data center, including creating cold and hot aisles.  To do so however, the team quickly realized they needed up-to-date asset information, but to get this required a lot of manual, labor intensive work and a lot of communication across organizations.  
The implementation of Sunbird’s DCIM solution will help gather and verify data from many different sources.  In this e-book, Carol share’s her tips on what she learned and how she prepared for the DCIM implementation. 

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