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The pandemic has made implementation of advanced tooling in data centers a priority.

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Sunbird: A Leader in Second-Generation DCIM for Remote Data Center Management

Sunbird is ahead of the curve when it comes to second-generation DCIM. While other DCIM software providers are charging for every module, our focus on real customer problems has enabled us to overcome the pain points of legacy DCIM tools in our elegant, modern software. We refine our features and build our roadmap based on feedback from our users, so there’s no bloatware, no additional modules to purchase—simply fast, easy, and complete DCIM software that just works.

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  • "dcTrack helps bring order to the complex maze of data center infrastructures. When you have a dynamic and complex environment with many moving parts and interdependencies, you look for solutions to help make it easier to manage. Sunbird's dcTrack does that by providing us with an easy way to get accurate information on our infrastructures. Because dcTrack covers the entire lifecycle of an...

    Keith Bott, Service Manager Equipment & Facilities
  • "With dcTrack we have an up-to-minute picture of capacities in all our data centers in terms of power, space, networking and cooling. As a result, we are able to track our data center capacity more accurately and assess our infrastructure needs for the future. Before we deployed dcTrack, it would mean a trip out onto the data center floor to confirm or deny that a server is in a certain...

    Joseph Keena, Manager of Data Center Operations
  • "We use Power IQ to generate monthly energy-trend reports that provide customers with actual usage levels by server and IT device….it enables us to provide our customers the ability to run their own reports and to securely power cycle their equipment via a Web interface. Our customers [are] able to take a more active role in managing their servers and their energy utilization."

    Dustin Phillips, Co-Location Operations
  • "There is a need to increase efficiency through center infrastructure management tools like dcTrack help you with power management, capacity planning and change management. System monitoring tools help you track the health of the network."

    Tan Choon Huat, Manager of Regional Data Center Facilities
  • "The largest improvement that I see is being able to monitor power usage in our lab and making sure that our PDUs don’t get overloaded. We’ve gone through a few retirement phases and we can track that with the graphs in PIQ — we see the power usage going down. Being able to see the temperature throughout our lab is also pivotal."

    Kiel Anderson, Senior Lab Network Engineer - F5
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Sunbird Software is changing the way data centers are being managed. With a focus on real user scenarios for real customer problems, we help data center operators manage tasks and processes faster and more efficiently than ever before, while saving costs and improving availability.

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