8 Common Data Center Management Problems That DCIM Can Solve
February 16, 2017

Data center management presents a number of challenges for today’s data center managers and operators. Unlike the days of old, when data centers used to be data rooms, modern data centers have grown increasingly complex, are more strictly regulated, and require data center managers to do more with less. Meanwhile, data center operators not only have the job of managing data but also ensuring that power consumption is monitored, equipment is kept cool, and enough space is available.

Let’s take a closer look at eight common problems that data center managers and operators face and why DCIM software is a solution to them all.

1. Delays in deploying new services. Missing or inaccurate information in work orders or manual steps delays job completion and quality work. Verification and validation controls in DCIM software, including the ability to identify asset dependencies and ensure work quality, minimize unanticipated downtime and reduce workflow delays and bottlenecks.

2. Lack of insight on the status of work orders. Multiple systems, interfaces, and static reporting limit real-time information on ticket status and job completion. DCIM software creates instant transparency by providing a list of all work planned, in progress, and completed, improving workflow management.

3. Difficulty managing assets. It’s challenging to manage assets in your data center when you’re not sure what you have, how it’s configured, and where it’s located. DCIM software provides an accurate, real-time view of all facilities and IT components, enabling data center managers to easily locate and get detailed information about their assets from virtually anywhere.

4. Consuming too much power. Overcapacity situations can quickly occur and cause outages if you do not know how much power you are using and how much you have left. DCIM software threshold alerting and reporting allows data center managers to understand power usage at any given time, allowing them to rebalance power usage and helping them avoid paying over-usage/premium charges.

5. Meeting Corporate Sustainability and Green Initiatives. Data centers are known for being a drain on our nation’s energy, and they are taking the heat for it. Cutting energy is a way to save money and achieve a greener image, but this is difficult to do without DCIM software. Reports identifying, tracking and comparing energy costs across data center, sites, customers, or applications can drive and enforce energy reduction programs.

6. Long recovery periods. Without diagrams or information about what is connected to what and where your assets are located, downtime can be of great concern and cost in data center management. A DCIM solution that provides a visualization of the physical network connectivity between devices, enables data center managers to quickly identify problems within the network path and restore service quickly.

7. Lack of cooling efficiencies. Without proper monitoring and management, it’s challenging to be efficient in your data center management and operations. Charts and reports provide the information needed to determine cooling infrastructure utilization and potential gains to be realized by airflow management improvements, such as environment improvements, reduced operating costs, and increased server utilization.

8. Inability to make split-second decisions. To make quick decisions, data center managers need to have the latest information about the health of their data center. A single, comprehensive enterprise dashboard and reports that can provide the status of power, temperature, and risks to uptime enable quick decision making and ensure data center operations.

As modern data centers must process more complex and frequent information, data center managers will continue to face not only the problems identified here but also many others relating to synthesizing the information provided to them. A DCIM solution can provide the reports, analysis, and situational awareness needed to easily make effective and actionable decisions. Visit this page to download Sunbird’s eBook about 40 Critical Problems Your DCIM Should Solve.

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