Do’s and Don’ts for Successful Data Center Migrations [Infographic]
December 22, 2017

Migrating a data center can be one of the most challenging projects a data center manager or operator can face. You have to coordinate multiple aspects of your data center move, manage its impact on the IT, facilities, network, power, and other teams, and limit downtime as much as possible – and then realize that your initial asset inventory database may not be as accurate as you once thought.

With the increasing focus on colocation data centers and data center asset consolidation, such migrations are more prevalent than ever. Every data center manager knows that these moves require careful planning and efficient execution to be successful. But how do you know which tips are helpful and which have no benefit at all?

That’s why we’ve put together our newest infographic: “Do’s and Don’ts for Data Center Migrations.” Based on our experience and that of our customers, we’ve learned what works in a data center migration – and what doesn’t. Our infographic shares eight impactful tips for better data center moves and why they are important.

For example, it’s actually possible to overplan a data center migration. Instead of worrying about every little item, focus on what matters at the appropriate level of detail. Determine what information is needed to complete the move successfully and make sure it is provided to your stakeholders. Getting caught up in unnecessary granularity will only distract you from your true purpose.

View our infographic to discover more tips and tricks to win at data center migrations – before, during, and after the move.

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