Intern Intros: Raghav Pandya, Engineering Intern
July 12, 2016

In this new blog series, we’re introducing Sunbird’s interns for Summer 2016. This post shares the perspective of Raghav Pandya, our Engineering intern and a graduate student at Rutgers University.
I am currently pursuing Master's degree in Computer Science from Rutgers University, New Jersey. I completed my undergraduate degree in 2013, majoring in Information Science, and then I went to work with a software company for two years.
I love to code and explore new technologies in the field of computer science.
My programming journey started with QBASIC when I was 15 years old, and I knew that this was the way to go.
I have a strong theoretical background in computer science, with C/C++ and Python being my weapons of choice for solving problems. I love getting my hands dirty and making things work, especially if it involves learning new concepts.
I am super-excited for my summer internship at Sunbird. I look forward to learning the DCIM Operations GUI interface, establishing domain experience as well as using tools for automated testing, and gaining some database experience.
I enjoy the friendly work environment and the cutting-edge technology stack used for software development. I plan to establish a career in software development and be a software architect someday.

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