Introducing dcTrack® 6.3
February 26, 2019

We’re proud to announce with the general availability of dcTrack® 6.3, the latest version of Sunbird’s DCIM Operations software. This release includes a ServiceNow and BMC Remedy CMDB connector for greater automation via integration, dashboard and item page layout personalization for greater ease of use, hot-standby high availability, and more.

dcTrack 6.3 Availability

This dcTrack 6.3 update is available worldwide on a cabinet/month subscription or perpetual license basis to all customers with valid maintenance contracts. Simply download the update file from Sunbird’s support portal to upgrade today.

What’s New in dcTrack 6.3

The following features are new or enhanced in dcTrack 6.3 for an easy, fast, and complete second-generation DCIM solution.

Auto-Sync VMware Asset Data

The VMware Cloud Connector introduced in dcTrack 6.1 has been enhanced in dcTrack 6.3 to include partial on-demand sync and the ability to schedule periodic updates to dcTrack via synchronization with VMware, increasing data accuracy through automation and integration.

Associate Multiple VM Managers with a Location

Administrators can now associate a VM Manager with a Location.

Create and Customize Custom Field Layouts for Item Details Page

In dcTrack 6.3, Administrators can create additional custom field sub-tabs and add panels to customize the layouts in way that make the most sense for their users.

Dashboard Personalization, Shared Folders, and Favorites

dcTrack 6.3 introduces the ability to create personalized dashboards, share dashboards, and add dashboards to your favorites.

High Availability

High Availability is dcTrack feature that enables virtually 100% uptime by detecting lost connectivity situations and automatically or manually switch to a secondary system to avoid loss of service. The High Availability feature can help you minimize downtime due to outages, support redundnacy as part of disaster recovery configurations, provide scalability, and eliminate single points of failure for large and geographically dispersed deployments.

Matching or Adding Makes and Models When Adding Items

dcTrack 6.3 introduces the ability for Gatekeepers and Adminsitrators to map or add models to their dcTrack Models Library when ading items. This makes it faster and more efficient for users to add items while ensuring the integrity of their dcTrack data.

ServiceNow and BMC CMDB Connectors

The CMDB Connector in dcTrack 6.3 provides bidirectional integration of CMDB Asset/CI data between dcTrack and the ServiceNow or BMC CMDB appkication.

Build Power Chains in the Web Client

In dcTrack 6.3, the ability to build out power chains has been migrated from Classic View to the Web Client. In the Web Client, users can now view and edit UPS specificatinos in Item Details pages, view, add, edit, and delete UPS banks, add and delete power panels, and update breaker pole information in bulk via file import.

DC Power Support

dcTrack 6.3 supports DC power supplies for models and items of the 

Microsoft Hyper-V as an Additional dcTrack Supported Platform

dcTrack 6.3 can be installed on a Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor platform, in addition to on a VMware platform and Linux kernel-based virtual machine (KVM).

For more information on what's new in dcTrack 6.3, check out the official press release and release notes. Ready to upgrade? Download the upgrade file on the support portal.

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