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Sunbird Joins VMware Partner Program
February 16, 2018
Julia Sine

Sunbird is thrilled to announce that we have just joined the VMware® Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program as an Access level partner. 

"We welcome Sunbird as a valued member of the VMware TAP program," said Kristen Edwards, director, Technology Alliance Partner Program, VMware. "This membership means customers can take full advantage of a streamlined cloud infrastructure experience. By joining the program, Sunbird is working with VMware to develop technologies that can transform customers' environments."

As a member of the TAP program, Sunbird collaborates with VMware to deliver innovative solutions for virtualization and cloud computing through our Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software. Both Power IQ® DCIM Monitoring and dcTrack® DCIM Operations include application software, databases, and hardened Linux® operating systems that are fully tested and ready to load on a VMware platform. As a VMware partner, our product information is available on the VMware Solution Exchange, an online marketplace where VMware partners and developers can publish rich marketing content and downloadable software for customers.

Sunbird DCIM Software and VMware: More Effective Virtual Asset Management

In addition to running on a VMware virtual machine, Sunbird’s data center monitoring and operations tools enable organizations to better manage physical and virtual assets.

Modern data center managers are under pressure to reduce costs, consolidate resources, and generally do more with less. Virtualization provides a dynamic environment for data center asset management so data center managers can utilize resources more efficiently than with traditional servers and networking.

Sunbird’s DCIM software integrates with the VMware vSphere platform to simplify discovery and management of virtual assets. With Sunbird’s DCIM software, data center managers can identify and track server resources that support VMware virtual machines. Our data center management software enables discovery of clusters, hosts, and virtual machines, and retains the history and audit log of changes made to these assets.

By using our DCIM software with VMware’s ESXi hypervisor, organizations can:

  • Improve uptime. By correlating virtual machine information from vCenter with physical infrastructure and data center monitoring information in Sunbird’s DCIM software, data center managers can identify potential issues before they become problems and reduce the risk of downtime.
  • Increase productivity. Integration with VMware enables data center managers to view virtualized asset data from vCenter in Sunbird’s DCIM software and sync data between the two systems, creating a single-pane-of-glass view that doesn’t require users to waste time switching back and forth between different GUIs.
  • Drive more efficient utilization of virtualized resources. When tracked as assets in Sunbird’s DCIM software, VMs and their associated data can be analyzed using Sunbird’s zero-configuration business intelligence dashboards and visual analytics.

For more information on our partnership with VMware, see our press release

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