DCIM Requirements - Super DCIM RFP Checklist
January 02, 2014

Preparing to issue a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) bid?  Do you know what you actually need or what your requirements are?  There are many choices of vendors and solutions, each having a slightly different twist. When issuing your bid, Request for Quote (RFQ), or Request for Proposal (RFP) describe your specific problems and desired outcome to potential vendors and challenge them to show how you can achieve objectives with their product and support. 
Provide the bid to two or at most three DCIM products/vendors thoroughly with respect to your “must have” requirements. Any more, your evaluations might dilute the resources and the process. Ensure that your bid includes both functional and non-functional requirements that cover all the areas that you may be concerned with. Propose phases for your project to dramatically increase your chances of a successful DCIM implementation.
Ask questions around these key areas:-

  • Data Center Visualization - How do I know where my assets are?
  • Asset Management and Configuration - How do I know what assets I have?
  • Connectivity Management – Can I visualize my entire power chain?
  • Network Management – Can I see and search for network capacity?
  • Power Management – How can I easily visualize and manage my power.
  • Real-time Monitoring – Are tools available to ensure uptime and availability.
  • Workflow – Is there a built in change management tool to manage the change in the data center and monitor the workflow?
  • Reports – Can I easily build reports?
  • Integration – Can I use my existing tools (spreadsheets, visio diagram)?
  • Security and Audit Trails– What type of security and logging are available to protect my data and ensure trails for compliance and tracking.
  • Mobile Access – can I use my mobile tablets so I can gain access anytime from anywhere?
  • Maintenance and Backup – What types of processes and staff are required ?
  • Services – What services are available?  Integration, implementation, training, maintenance and support?

When evaluating the proposals, partner with a trusted, reliable, and experienced vendor. Focus on the capabilities that are most important to you to meet your business objectives. Features that do not directly address your defined problem(s) are merely a distraction. Vendors expand product functionality over time to meet competition and customer demand. 
To get started now, download “The Super DCIM RFP Checklist” to make sure your questions and concerns are answered and the DCIM you choose is the right one for you. Download now.

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