Data Centers are becoming more complex and organizations are continuously plagued with critical facilities maintenance and management tasks. To boost productivity and efficiency, Facilities Managers need to leverage a software solution to monitor their building infrastructure. A Building Management System (BMS) monitors and maintains buildings’ heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, controls and reports on all major energy consuming equipment, provides fault detection and alarming, and schedules automatic periodic checks on equipment, while an Electrical Power Management System (EPMS) provides detailed information on the flow of power.


BMS and EPMS tools are vital to a data center facility as they maintain the security and reliability of building infrastructure. The benefits can be found in improved energy management, reduced operational costs, enhanced security, better tenant comfort conditions, and scalability to handle additions, changes, and upgrades. Start your search for a BMS or EPMS tool with the following list of top vendors.

BMS/EPMS Tools List

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Bajaj Electricals

“Bajaj Electricals offers complete end-to-end energy management solutions. From meters, to public displays, to sophisticated dashboard based management software, Bajaj has the right products to help you reduce consumption and save money.”


“BuildingLogiX has a suite of robust web-based applications that translate complex machine and s data into metrics that are meaningful and understandable at both the operations and management levels.”


“We are committed to driving a future enabled by more intelligent and sustainable buildings. Through innovation and integration, we bring together technologies from across our brands to improve building efficiency and occupant experience.”


“Foreseer facilitates real-time power and environmental system monitoring at a single facility or multiple locations throughout the world, helping organizations reduce power consumption costs and avoid unplanned downtime due to system failure.”


“Elipse’s Building Management and Automation solution offers you the flexibility and connectivity needed to plan and keep your infrastructure, expanding your choices of hardware vendors now and forever.”

Emerson Electric

“From technically advanced facility controls to rugged and dependable professional tools to timesaving ergonomic vacuums, Emerson has a wide array of ways to increase your facilities’ productivity, enhance their comfort and boost their efficiency.”


“Honeywell can successfully integrate, install and maintain building management systems and provide life cycle support for facilities like yours, making it easier to increase comfort, safety and security for your occupants.”

Johnson Controls

“Our insightful building technologies are designed to listen to what a building is saying about its condition. They collect and analyze data and then provide insights on how to improve your building’s efficiency and productivity.”


“A well structured and user friendly BMS ensures easy operation of buildings and allows insight into all building systems. Optergy’s built-in applications enable contextual displays, smart alarming and analysis.”

Schneider Electric

“Our building management systems enable you to monitor, control and optimize your building’s performance throughout its lifecycle. Switch to smart building solutions with Schneider Electric Building Management Systems and Room Controllers.”


“From single discipline systems to fully integrated buildings, whether they are small or large, single- or multi-site, whether a school, office, hospital or airport, you will find the right solution in our offering of building management systems.”