Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring

Recent years have seen a sudden growth in the utilization of cloud services. More and more organizations realize the value of transferring some or all of their operations to the cloud, but this comes with new monitoring challenges. Traditional IT monitoring tools are great for monitoring infrastructure and servers, but a separate category of Cloud Monitoring software has emerged to focus on gaining a clear view of performance specifically in cloud environments.

Cloud Monitoring tools automate the management and monitoring of cloud-based computing architecture, infrastructure, and services. Administrators can review the status and health of any device or component of the cloud environment, such as virtual machines and networks, databases, and cloud storage, to identify issues before there is a major problem. Below, we have compiled a list of the top Cloud Monitoring vendors to help you find one that meets your requirements.

Cloud Monitoring List

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“Observability of your AWS resources and applications on AWS and on-premises.”


“Whether you’ve built a new cloud application or you’re looking to migrate an existing application, AppDynamics provides all the cloud monitoring tools you need to monitor application performance and accelerate your journey to the cloud.”


“TrueSight Cloud Operations is a unified cloud management suite that uses machine learning, automation, and policy-based governance to optimize public cloud cost and enforce security.”


“Most comprehensive solution for proactively monitoring cloud and hybrid IT environments.”


“Our goal is to provide a tool-set that allows our users to visualize, monitor and automate their environments as a whole.”


“See it all in one place. Your servers, your clouds, your metrics, your apps, your team. Together.”


“Dynatrace provides a complete picture of health of the entire cloud infrastructure. All your nodes, transactions, and users in one pane of glass.”


“With Exoprise CloudReady® performance monitoring you can leverage the power of the crowd to monitor the health and performance all of our cloud-based apps and services.”


“Stackdriver Monitoring provides visibility into the performance, uptime, and overall health of cloud-powered applications.”


“The total solution for cloud services monitoring. SaaS-based performance monitoring for AWS, Azure and GCP.”


“Operations Management Suite (OMS) from Microsoft is a simplified management solution for any enterprise.”


“Get unified monitoring for your public and private cloud infrastructure and applications.”


“PagerDuty’s platform for real-time operations empowers teams when seconds count, by helping organizations transform signals into opportunities to deliver excellent customer experiences, increase productivity, and accelerate innovation.”


“SteelCentral enables you to monitor the digital experience for cloud based apps so that companies can proactively manage networks and applications to resolve issues faster.”


“Gain Deep Visibility for Multi-Cloud, Hybrid IT & Legacy Infrastructure.”


“Full-Stack Cloud Performance Monitoring. Powerful SaaS-based monitoring solutions for your applications and infrastructure.”


“Monitor performance in AWS, Azure and Google Clouds.”


“vRealize Suite is a hybrid cloud management platform that helps IT enable developers to quickly build applications in any cloud with secure and consistent operations.”


“Monitor Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack and other cloud resources in the same view as your traditional infrastructure resources.”